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Before Tomorrowland is the prequel novel to Brad Bird's film Tomorrowland written by the film's co-writer Jeff Jensen and illustrated by Jonathan Case, which was released on April 7, 2015.  The novel incuded a 20-page comic-book telling the early history of the Plus Ultra organisation, and this was available in the paper hardback and free iTunes ebook (Apple Mac only).  The comic was not included in the Kindle version.  Before Tomorrowland contains a significant amount of background facts about Plus Ultra, their membership, technologies and ethics.

There is also another book tie-in to the movie, a novelization titled Tomorrowland Junior Novel.


The year: 1939. The place: The World's Fair and the first World Science-Fiction Convention. The people: A mother and son suddenly wrapped up in a conspiracy that extends beyond their wildest dreams.


When he looked back up, the moon and stars were gone, blotted out by a huge blanket of flickering black that moved toward him, overtaking the sky. Rotwang (?) ducked as the great shape soared over him and into the hangar. Sirens went up through the base, and the Plus Ultra zeppelin’s bow punched through the hanger bay’s veil, gliding into brightly lit existence out of the night.

He was sprawled on the ground, pelted by the airship’s turbines as they reversed and brought the massive craft to a slow, sideways drift over the jets. The Nazi’s screamed at each other, running to defensive positions, and one of his apocalypse jumpers leapt over him to board the zeppelin. There was a flash and a shot. The jumper sparked and went limp in mid-air, then crashed and tumbled to a dead stop on the hangar floor.

“Sniper!” he cried. Three other apocalypse jumpers opened fire on the zeppelin with their heavy machine guns, but even as he shouted, two of them fell in a blaze of electromagnetic energy, crumpled around their helpless pilots. [1]