Frank Walker
Frank Walker
Film Appearances Tomorrowland
Status Alive
Gender Male
Home Tomorrowland
Species Human
Quotes "Do you want to go."
Actor George Clooney
Thomas Robinson (young)
Frank Walker is a former boy-genius inventor jaded by disillusionment.

He is portrayed by George Clooney.

Background InformationEdit

Frank Walker grows up on a small tough rural farm in the American midwest, with a domineering father who wants his son to become a farmer.  Despite Frank's rural isolation he has access by mail-order to the popular science and science-fiction magazines of the 1950s, and thus he begins inventing. When he is 11 years old, he first encounters "Tomorrowland" on a trip to the 1964 We does discover that she is really a robot, something he later dwells on bitterly.  

David Nix becomes Frank's mentor and teacher and they develop many new technologies.  In 1984, Nix decides to suspend the Plus Ultra recruitment programme.  In the same year Frank is exiled from "Tomorrowland" for designing "the monitor".  Shortly after Frank's exile Athena takes 12 pins and flees from "Tomorrowland".

When Casey Newton first meets Frank thirty years later, he is much older and jaded, living on his father's neglected farm.  He is a recluse, who has only just started to force himself to go out once a week. He has poured his energies and talents into creating a defensive house which he has booby-trapped against a possible visit from Nix's agents.

Frank is shocked to find that Athena is alive, and the pair discover they have many emotional matters to untangle.  But Frank agrees to help Casey and Athena return to "Tomorrowland", and he ends up rediscovering the kid he used to be.


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