Lott Family Construction is a construction and development company, founded in 1923 by Plus Ultra member Michael T. Lott. They have been involved in various Plus Ultra construction projects, ranging from Deluca Fields, to the Walt Disney World Resort.

For more than fifty years, Michael Lott and his skilled team have built places for people to live, work and play with expertise in industrial, commercial and residential construction. And though small, they are dedicated to quality, attention to detail, and passion for building a better world. Even if they have to do it one building at a time.


Lott Family Construction was founded by a young Michael T. Lott, who left the University of Indiana with a degree in civil engineering to return to his home state of New York. Originally "Lott Family Real Estate", Michael changed the name as he was more interested in building houses than selling them. Bay Architecture quickly hired him for an ambitious suburban construction project that would provide homes for over 1200 New Jersey residents.

The company then received notoriety when WED Enterprises and the Walt Disney Company asked them to help build exhibits for the 1964 New York World’s Fair. Working on “it’s a small world” and the Carousel of Progress, Michael worked with Walt Disney personally to bring his vision to life.

Together with the love of his life and chief financial officer, Tilda, Michael oversaw projects ranging from military housing to urban renewal to schools and playgrounds. All on time, and all on budget.

With over fifty years of building homes, offices, schools, and even the odd theme park attraction now and then, they continue to break new ground and build new relationships.

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