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Michael T. Lott is the founder of Lott Family Construction and the patriarch of the Lott Family. He is also a member of Plus Ultra, and did many construction projects for the organization. He has a wife named Tilda and a son named Theodore.

Early Life & History[edit | edit source]

Michael T. Lott left the University of Indiana with a degree in civil engineering to return to his home state of New York. Bay Architecture quickly hired him for an ambitious suburban construction project that would provide homes for over 1200 New Jersey residents.

In 1923, Michael founded Lott Family Construction. Together with the love of his life and chief financial officer, Tilda, Michael oversaw projects ranging from military housing to urban renewal to schools and playgrounds. All on time, and all on budget. With over fifty years of building homes, offices, schools, and even the odd theme park attraction now and then, they continue to break new ground and build new relationships.

In 1955, Lott worked on the construction of several buildings in Disneyland, some of which were in Tomorrowland. In 1959, Lott worked on construction for the Disneyland Tomorrowland expansion.

As of 2013, Lott is still alive and still working in the family business as CEO.

1964 New York World's Fair[edit | edit source]

Lott and his company received notoriety when WED Enterprises and the Walt Disney Company asked him to help build exhibits for the 1964 New York World's Fair. Working on “it’s a small world” and the Carousel of Progress, Michael worked with Walt Disney personally as part of the "Special Projects Team" to bring his vision to life.

In an email with one of Amelia's blog followers, Michael remembered one night while working on some last minute tweaks to 'small world' when he heard "gosh-darn, awful racket" coming from a back room he knew nothing about. He described it as a "big hum, like the biggest engine you ever heard of".

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  • The Optimist
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