Ray Guns are advanced space-age projectile weapons used by the personnel of tomorrowland /plus-ultra & audio-animatronics for defensive purposes, there are several models as follows

Types of Ray gunEdit

Basic Raygun Edit

a primary single-hand used ray gun with single stock and over shaped lazer barrel, several of the audio/anamatronic agents have those for keeping the existence of tomorrowland a secret from anyone

Anthea's Raygun

Anthea's Raygun Edit

Anthea's personal ray gun, first seen when saving casey from the animatronic shipowners of Blast from The Past

Ray-Rifle Edit

Rifle version of the basic rayon, operated properly with 2 hands and comes with green aiming lazer

Hugo & Ursula's Rayguns

Hugo & Ursula's Rayguns Edit

Retro looking reigns with advanced fire frequency, which even emit plasma-rings when fired.

City Security Guard Ray-Rifle Edit

type of rayon rifle variant used the workers that serve David Nix in Tomorrowland, before & after Casey and her companions arrive in the Vintage rocket lander pod after it's hyperjump sequence.