Tamara's Story is an oral bedtime story recounted to Tanya and Amelia by Carlos Moreau. It follows the story of Tamara, a little girl who gets whisked away to a magical, futuristic dream world populated by friendly people, dinosaurs, and robots.

Story OutlineEdit

  • There is a little girl named Tamara.
  • She lives and works on a farm with her mother and father.
  • Tamara talks to them constantly about her wish to explore the world one day.
  • One night during a particularly heavy storm, a mysterious visitor knocks on their door.
  • Tamara’s mother and father invite the visitor inside for a hot meal and coffee.
  • Before the storm ends, her parents share a private conversation with the visitor, and then he leaves.
  • That night Tamara has the most amazing dream, with dinosaurs and robots and lights that always glow.
  • And every night, the same dream continues from where she had left off.
  • And the dream world grows larger and lusher.
  • But when she wakes up that first morning, she discovers that her parents can no longer speak.
  • They don’t seem alarmed by it. They just continue on as if all were normal.
  • And every morning, she finds a new note with the same message from her mother and father: Together, we will make tomorrow beautiful.
  • When she returns to the dream world, she tells her new friends her problem. That she needs to find a cure for her parents.
  • Tamara’s friends tell her about a king and queen who created the dream world in which they live. That the king and queen will have the answer to her problem.
  • Her friends say the king and queen live on the farthest edge of the dream world in a kingdom in the clouds.
  • With all of her new friends, Tamara sets out on a quest to find the king and queen.
  • She searches all of dream world for them, with interesting new challenges popping up along the way, until she reaches the cloud kingdom.
  • But the kingdom is empty.
  • Just as she is about to give up, she remembers her parents. She realizes that they were the only ones who could have created this.
  • Tamara wakes up.
  • She races to tell them what she knows – that they had created the dream world.
  • Once again able to speak, they tell Tamara they made it all…for her. But only she could build upon this world they created.
  • So Tamara returns to the dream world with her parents. And they continue to build upon it. Together.