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The Begum's Fortune (also known as The Begum's Millions) is a science-fiction novel by Plus Ultra founder Jules Verne, published in 1879. A mid-20th Century French edition was found as part of the 1952 Box collection, with a Florida newspaper from 1967 wrapped around it and several pictures from Walt Disney's EPCOT project. The book tells the tale of two cities, one, a dystopia and the the other, a utopia, and the struggle between them.


The Begum's Fortune blends elements of utopian and dystopian science fiction to tell the story of two men, Dr. Sarrasin and Professor Schultze, who relocate to the far away land of Oregon, and each build their own versions of Utopia. Professor Schultze builds an oppressive, industrial engine devoted to manufacturing weapons of destruction. Dr. Sarrasin, on the other hand, builds an idyllic, democratic community were science and public health thrive. The two sides face ever-escalating competition. When Shultze decides to use his weapons against Sarrasin's city, his dystopia comes crashing down around him, the ruins of which are absorbed by Sarrasin's utopia.