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Walt's Letter is an address made by Plus Ultra member Walt Disney, outlining his predictions for the world of 2006. The letter was written in 1956, and was meant for a time capsule, but it was never buried. It was eventually stored in the 1952 Box, and discovered in 2008.


In the letter, Walt describes advancements in entertainment. He measures himself against visionaries such as Jules Verne and Albert Einstein, and claims not to have their foresight and vision. He believes that humans have always had, and always will, a need to be entertained, and cites various examples throughout history.

He predicts that our entertainment will be powered by nuclear and solar energies. He predicts that radar and other "cosmic forces" will dramatically change our communication and broadcast techniques. Walt believed that audiences of millions will be watching the same event, at the exact same time, through an "incredibly potent scope", and that people will be using this technology to view the landscapes of distant planets.

Walt goes on to predict that in 2006, the concept of war and battle would be outlawed, and that civilization would flower. And in such, comes an opportunity for entertainment.