Werner Rotwang
Gender Male
Species Human

Werner Rotwang was an ex-Plus Ultra scientist who was kicked out as a result of his unethical experiments with cybernetics. Once the co-chair of the Robotics committee and chairman of the Blue Sky experimental unit, he was obsessed with achieving immortality through robotics. Desiring to create a means of digitizing the mind to place into a robotic body, he used dying young inductee Henry Stevens as a guinea pig, telling him he'd save his life through the process. Plus Ultra was unable to stop the mad experiment and began an effort to apprehend Rotwang.

He continued his research for the Nazis and convinced the now robotic Henry that Plus Ultra was to blame for all of his problems, turning him into a vengeful enforcer. Rotwang made empty promises to restore Henry and grant his new backer, an old German soldier named Hugo Lohman, a robotic body of his own. In actuality, he planned to get rid of Henry's consciousness when the time was right to claim the robot body for himself and take over the German High Command singlehandedly.

In 1939, Henry went rogue and Rotwang and his crew pursued him to New York, plotting to take on Plus Ultra while they were there. In the events that followed, Plus Ultra's plans to publicly reveal themselves at the 1939 New York World's Fair were shelved, the Wardingclyffe Tower in the other world providing power for Plus Ultra's activities was knocked out, and all Plus Ultra activities were suspended until the threat of the Nazis was neutralized.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Is named after the villain of Fritz Lang's film Metropolis, though in-universe, it was the other way around with Lang having become acquainted with Rotwang during his time with Plus Ultra.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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